Tell me a story with Flowers

Tell me a story with Flowers

Waking up on a sunny breezy day where winter clothes are too heavy for you, that means its blooming season! In spring we refresh our wardrobe but your home needs refreshing too. Take away all your heavy scents and replace them with soft florals that will light the mood to a relaxing and smooth space. 

Choose a scent like Fresh Linen or Pure Cotton for a fresh light scent that can be placed in all areas with the hints of lily, jasmine and rose petals perfect for relaxing days, on yoga afternoons or when you need to settle your mind. 

If you are chasing sunsets we have the ultimate scent for you; Autumn sunset! Citrus, flowery and nutty at the same time, awakens so many emotions and memories of your hiking adventures cutting almond tree flowers for your home vase while watching the sun go down as perfect ending to your day. 

For the tea lovers like myself, creating Afternoon Bliss was a fragrance adventure. White and green tea with notes of citrus lemon and mandarin is perfect for Sunday afternoons with drinks and friends.

Nice scents are part of your life journey and certain scents bring back memories and emotions of happy moments of your life, so fill up your home with spring scents and create more memories every day.



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